When: Saturday April 5th (2pm/5pm).
Where: Burgess Hill.
Level Of Content: Intro/Intermediate/Advanced.

On the same day (PM) as our Metering & Exposure mini ‘Crash Course Seminar’, we have another very well received and unique course.

This one deals with the minefield of in camera colour control, and getting what you want or need.

It demystifies things to be real world practical, in repeatable and understandable ways, so you end up with better out of camera results, and post capture starting points.

There is a wealth of step-by-step easy to follow explanations. We look at the cameras colour tools for pre prepared and custom ‘looks’, plus white balance and RGB histograms to name some, but warp that around real picture taking.

Park Cameras are again our hosts. This is another course that opens up a lifetime of useful information and understanding.

For more information, please: Click Here.

End. (06/03/14).