So many people seem interested in the products I use, and how I find them, that it is very flattering, thank you.

And many of you know – I try to offer genuine feedback – good or bad, and opinions when we get a chance at events, and particularly on my courses when I can ask more specific background questions.

However, I can use this web site to say a few shorter things as well in a general sense.

Hopefully it may help accumulate some of the information, or at least – point in the right direction – for those considering their needs going forward.

These are not going to be in depth reviews – there are countless magazines and web sites for those – and to be honest, I do not at the moment have the time.

But instead, I intent to pass shorter, more to the point comments as and when they may be relevant. So over time that may in fact turn into an unintentional ‘product’ review’ based on actual use if we update things.

They will be a personal opinion based on what I do and the way I do it, and not necessarily specific enough for everyone.

And while I am on the subject, may I also thank those of you who say they miss my ‘real world’ camera and product reviews in numerous magazines.

It seems to me that there is a lot of difference in those, depending on who writes them and their background experience.

So I am again flattered by those kind comments always drawing on my career experiences to offer some help.

End. (29/11/12).