Apple have surprised many by announcing that both Aperture – their pro post capture software – plus iPhoto – the supplied consumer program, are soon not going to have any further development.

Aperture was introduced in 2005 and was a big success, taking software both in interface and features terms, to a new level for the pro photographer.

Lots of support and endorsements helped build a loyal following.

In fact, I personally feel that if it was not for Aperture, Adobe Lightroom may not have progressed so far so quickly. Competition can be good after all.

Replacing both in the Apple imaging line up will be ‘Photo’s’.

I like a lot about Aperture, and am sorry to see it go. But let us wait and see what replaces it before we judge this decision.

We may well find something better in overall product and workflow terms, although I am not keen on ‘cloud’ storage as I am far from convinced by a number of things.

That said, such is the increasing development and take-up of Lightroom for example, it may be that Aperture/iPhoto users may decide now, or in the near future that it is time to make a switch rather than wait? But I guess most will hold back to see exactly what Apple have in store.

End. (27/06/14).