I would like to wish everyone a wonderful 2010.

On the photographic front many find it useful to set themselves new challenges to take their photography forward. I am all in favor of that, but whatever your aims, make sure enjoyment is a major part of it. Success tends to come more quickly the more we enjoy the process.

Some might look to master their camera further and squeeze the maximum out of its potential. Maybe it will be adding to your existing outfit with a new camera, lens or flash. Others will want to put in the time to take their post capture skills to new heights through existing or new software. And for others it may be the big one, making a go of it as a professional photographer. But whatever your aims, spending time shooting and mastering new techniques and perfecting old ones should be up there on that list.

We will do more things to help. So in 2010 this site is going to expand into what I believe will be a wonderful resource to help people along on their photographic journey no matter what you want to do or your starting point. Soon we will be adding some short clips of footage to enhance the way we deliver our information, plus details of new events and further support.

Best wishes, John.

End. (01/01/10).