Sekonic have an offer on their top of the range light/flash meters.

Calibration can be a tedious job at the best of times, but certainly is worth it and the certainly test target helps. Here are the details.

 L-758 Series Promotion

For a limited time only, the importers will be offering a FREE Sekonic Exposure Profile Target worth £124.99 Inc VAT with any meter purchased from the L-758 Series.
Choose from the L-758D, L-758DR and L-758Cine meters.

There is  a dedicated UK network of Sekonic retailers who will be supporting this promotion. To find out where you can buy, please call the marketing department on 01782 753304 or email

In addition, all UK sourced meters now come with a 5 year warranty.

The Sekonic L-758 Series Promotion will run from 1st August and will be available whilst stocks last.