Having learned my craft like so many by shooting countless film images, I have not lost my respect for that route of image making.

And I know of some top photographers in their field who have either not stopped, or have returned to shooting film for a variety of reasons.

Even now, when I look at my own back catalogue of work, there is something about those images that feels very pleasing in this medium.

Having on many occasions used FujiFilms various medium format rangefinder cameras over the years, their discontinuation a few years ago really surprised me as being premature.

People have been telling me for a couple of years now that many medium format cameras are being snapped up on e-bay and elsewhere for example, as there seems to be a growing interest in medium format film shooting once again. Obviously that is unlikely to get back to where it was, but for the discerning image maker, who can enjoy the time to use the traditional process it is still an extremely fulfilling option.

Image @ Fuji Corporation

I am pleased therefore to receive news that FujiFilm is reintroducing a 6×7 cm model. Well done Fuji. I often say to those on courses that in my opinion based on some experience, it is probably easier to learn about photography still with a basic manual exposure film camera, than it is to delve in with an all singing and dancing digital model. More frustrating and expensive to run at first, but soon more rapid progress would more than make up for that. Anyway I digress…

From the official announcement:
The GF670 Professional, Fujifilm’s new medium format film camera is now available to UK photographers.

This folding camera offers 6″ x 6″ and 6″ x 7″ format shooting, selectable via a simple switch, with 120 and 220 roll film. The GF670 features a Fujinon EBC 80 mm lens and coupled rangefinder. This stunning camera produces sharp, high quality images and is ideal for photographers who enjoy the unique look that film offers as well as the ability to produce high resolution photographs in very large sizes.

The GF670 has manual shutter speed control and offers a setting for aperture priority automation. With manual film advancement, exposure counter display, and an ISO setting dial, the camera also provides -2/+2 exposure compensation and includes a hot shoe flash mount and a PC sync connection socket. The ‘whisper quiet’ shutter mechanism is an Electronic Leaf shutter with speeds ranging from 4s~1/500s including bulb with flash sync at all speeds.

Fujifilm’s Product Manager for film products, Gabriel Dacosta welcomed the release: “We had the GF670 on our stand at Focus and it created a real buzz, medium format photography is enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment and I’m sure this new camera will help keep the format alive.”

He continued: “Many landscape photographers plus those involved in advertising and portraiture realise that traditional film produces the best results and that medium format is the perfect solution for their businesses.”

Finished in silver, the GF670 is available now from leading camera retailers.

End. (19/06/10).