The Fujifilm X Pro1 I suspect will make many smile. It looks like a real camera maybe if it took film. It would not look out of place in the 1980’s

even earlier maybe? It reminded me initially a little of the Contax G2 system of the recent past. I quite like the concept.

But in fairness, looks alone are not enough it has to perform.

As indicated during the last year, I felt Fuji with the X100 had tapped into a big potential market. With the X Pro1 they have taken it to a logical next progression.

On face value the spec looks good, not just in sensor design and performance, but in the other image making tools accompanying it.

As you would expect, the colour settings make a nod or two too Fuji’s film heritage.

That has a resonance with photographers like myself, as although both Kodak and Agfa emulsions were shot in so many thousands of frames, by far the majority for me were Fuji stock, being an early adopter in the early 1980s.

Don’t get me started on their medium format cameras such as the 6×7 cm and 6x9cm range-finder models, the unique GX-680, or to a degree, ‘S’ series digital SLR’s.

So my first thoughts are positive. Enhanced by some good looking lens designs.

Time will tell, and like the Canon G1 X I think they may find this new product in big demand.

End. (13/01/12).