Film users must feel like the walls are closing in all the time. For example Kodachrome processing comes to an end very soon, and FujiFilm have issued the following statement to reassure its E6 film users:

Release Date: 1 November 2010

Fujifilm makes E6 pledge

Fujifilm Professional has moved quickly to dispel rumours of an impending end to its E6 film processing service.

The partnership between Fujifilm and Leeds based pro lab CC Imaging will continue. CC Imaging are responsible for the processing of all process-paid Sensia slide film, in addition to Fujifilm’s other professional films when sent with Fujifilm’s pre-paid E6 135/120 vouchers

Fujifilm Professional’s product manager, Gabriel Da Costa, made this comment: “The relationship between Fujifilm and CC Imaging is as strong as ever and the lab continues to report high levels of film processing. Our range of transparency films is still very popular so I am delighted to state that Fujifilm is committed to E6 processing for the foreseeable future.”

In addition to the continuation of the Fujifilm Processing Lab the company is also committed to its extended support of the Fujifilm Student Awards, Distinctions Awards and Choose Film, the online community dedicated to film photography.

For further information on the lab visit and to find out more about Choose Film go to

End. (01/11/10).