At Focus On Imaging last month, I was asked by Lastolite to present some live shooting sessions on their stand. Having extensively used numerous products from them over the years I was pleased to do so. It gave me my first chance to use some of their new accessories for portable (strobe) flash. So here are some ‘First Thoughts’ on one item called the Triflector Speedlite.

Image © Lastolite

The Triflector Speedlite is a version of a portrait photographers tool, that for around twenty years has proved to be a great accessory to have as part of a studios relied upon options.

The idea is simple, too provide with one Speedlight from above, a reflector below, and one on each side of the subject, a ‘wrap’ around illimination. This reflects light from below and each side, so that with just one light, you get different directions and plenty of fill.

The reflectors and a supplied boom arm above, can be used at different positions to vary the effect and sculpt the light. And there is more to it than just one result. You can also flip the reflectors over and use a different finish, or take one or more off.

Image © John Clements

Here I used a Nikon D3s camera and Nikkor 24/70mm f/2.8G EDAF-S  lens, with an SB900 above too light our model. This was shot through a Lastolite Ezybox Softbox.

Slightly funny at the time was that it had gone through my mind to start off the demonstration wrong, so I could correct it as we went, and tell the story of what we were aiming to achieve. But I clean forgot, and just took this first shot after angling everything the way we would with the studio lighting version. As members of the audience commented, it was not bad at all for a single light set-up and a first shot:).
I call it my Rembrant portrait look.


I already use the existing version of the Triflector Mk II with studio lighting, so will continue to use that I suspect, even with my Speedlights. But, if you have not got one already and are interested in portraits, the Triflector Speedlite seems to be a really good option, that as the years pass, will justify itself with ease of use and consistency once you have thought through the positioning.

The Triflector Speedlite is purchased as a complete outfit of reflectors, their support and boom arm. The latter needs a bit of room and that should be considered. It looks slightly cumbersome, but it does enable the flash to be positioned and held in place, rather than with another less versitile means or an assistant doing the same.

I will talk about some of the other new options soon.

For more information on Lastolite and their products. Click Here.

End. (14/03/11).