Although I have my own kit, I like to try other cameras to keep up to date with technology. Sometimes I am invited to do so by companies to give them some feedback as well.

Recently I had the chance to shoot some images using EOS 7D for the first time, mostly in a studio situation, but a little outside in conjunction with a 580 EX II Speedlite.

Image © Canon Corporation

Not a specific or thorough assessment by any means, but here are my first impressions.

The build is very nice, it feels a professional product and it fitted my hands well. I did not have, or need an instruction book, as the now familiar Canon layout I have gotten used to with other cameras, is largely followed on this one.

Those 18 mega-pixels give detail and quality at the lower ISO ratings I was shooting at, but I still would not use the ‘clever’ 19-point AF system left on auto for my kinds of work. In fairness, I can say the same about any companies AF system I have tried, when you let it do the ‘thinking’. So nothing hit me as having moved forward on that score.

But overall a nice camera, although I suspect many Canon users might be tempted by EOS 50D or EOS 5D Mk II as often. It all comes down to the right camera for your type of photography. But if you dont need a full frame sensor, and I suspect the very best at high ISO performance, but high resolution and quality at more traditional values, then this camera has a good specification to name just two interesting characteristics.

End. (02/08/10).