A press release arrived a week ago that I wanted to look into before commenting.

It concerned the announcement of PhotoUk, and a web site that while irrelevant to most today, will please those still following the now ‘niche’ path of shooting film.

This new web site offers film stock covering both negative and positive (transparency) film, plus instant materials.

And the good news is that the formats I can see, cover 135mm, 120mm (medium format) and 5×4 sheet film in various emulsions.

Products also cover a range of the brands many learned to trust such as Fuji, Kodak and Ilford.

There is even some Ilford stock in 10×8 inch sheet film.

Image © Nikon Corporation

Image © Nikon Corporation

In addition, some associated items such as neg bags and print mounts are available.

For those who do not have a retailer covering such a range, it certainly makes an obvious purchase route.

The case for film is no longer debated with the passion it was say a decade ago, if you have used it in the past you know if you are for or against this medium today.

Professionally, I tend to use it for just one kind of situation and reason now, but that said, as I often say to people when the subject comes up, there are some things (maybe rose tinted glasses?) that I do miss.

I might elaborate on that in a further post soon.

And although new cameras are still around like the pro Nikon F6, so many second hand bargains can certainly be had, that new photographers may still find the pleasure in the process at a reasonable entry cost.

But for now, here are the official details of what looks like a useful resource and I wish them well: www.photouk.co.uk