Among the camera news I would just like to mention that news broke yesterday that photographer Eve Arnold had passed away.

Tributes from many have already been paid too a famous photographer who later this year, would have been 100 years old.

She was the first woman to join the Magnum Photo Agency, long famous globally for it’s calibre of work for photojournalism, many of it’s photographers are or became household names. I have been privileged to have met some of them on many occasions over the years, but sadly never got to meet Eve Arnold.

However, there was more too her scope than pure photojournalism. So portraits and fashion for example came into her line of site.

She worked around the world on various projects, and although a US citizen by birth, lived in London for decades.

The media at large seem to be highlighting her pictures of Marilyn Monroe a lot, as these captured a more informal side of the global star, helped by her ability to relax, so it is recounted with Eve Arnold’s style and personality.

But the scope of people covered ranged from the non famous, too the Queen and Malcolm X.

I am sure we shall rightly see a renewed interest in her work and plenty of more tributes in various forms.

End. (06/05/12).