Personally I would like to see more programs on TV about photography. Last week BBC 4 showed a 1 hour documentary about 60’s and 70’s iconic photographer Brian Duffy, entitled ‘The Man Who Shot The 60’s”.

I found it enjoyable and fascinating, as a man who was at the top of his profession along with his peers Bailey and Donavan, had just stopped in his tracks, and famously or infamously, burned many of his negatives. Then he simply walked away from photography.

By that time he had worked for many top magazines and Fleet Street papers, with the most famous models and faces of the day, alongside very successful advertising phootgraphy for well known brands.

Here we are 30 years later, and the story was told of his career, with some nice interjection from Bailey and Joanna Lumley to name two others.

While images came and went often quite fleetingly, I would recommend it when it is shown again if you missed it this time around. Viewers will get things from it, if nothing else from some of the down to earth comments from those featured. The program also told the story of his first images since the late 70’s, plus some of the his remaining back catalog as he prepared for an exhibition last year.

End. (18/01/10)