In this heatwave we all know how hot it is.

And of course – how we should be looking out for the elderly – those with related health issues, and animals that need us to make the right decisions for them.

But there is a sub species – the pro photographer – who also needs to think logically, so they do not succumb.

On a serious note, there are many times when I am ‘suited and booted’ for specific events.

And of course, those shooting weddings this time of year in particular, usually have to maintain a certain amount of style and decorum, with their own comfort second.

No matter if its covering a political, media, or social occasion we will get hot.

But with experience, you learn to plan, not just what you need to take and carry, shots to get and a sequence, but should also become totally familiar with your equipment, its location and operation.

Then, while others are likely going to just make things worse than they could be, you can at least shoot a professional session, with less discomfort.

You may still get extremely hot, so usual water breaks etc apply, but you will stop it being far worse than it might.

Similar applies in a studio session of course, plan things well, it pays off.

That said, after it is all over, and you know you have the shots, you do feel good knowing you have done a professional job and no one can accuse you of not putting in the right effort.

I talk about such things on some of my courses, and hopefully during this time, many will now understand why.

You simply can not get this real practical advice in instruction books, but it remains fundamental to continuing and successful photography even in difficult conditions.