A new carbon fibre Gimbal head has been announced in the Benro tripod range. Here we go with the details:

New Benro GH2C Carbon Fibre Gimbal Head launched.


Kenro, the official UK and Ireland distributor for the acclaimed Benro range of tripods and bags, has announced the immediate availability of its top-of-the-range Benro Gimbal Head GH2C in carbon fibre.

The Benro Gimbal Head GH2C is ideal for long distance and wildlife photography. The mechanism on a Gimbal Head works on the principal of manipulating the head using its own centre of gravity. Using this principal it enables the photographer to quickly and easily manipulate very large lenses with ease.

The GH2C is a specialised head for heavy duty telephoto lenses and is manufactured from high quality carbon fibre which makes it easy and comfortable to use, lightweight and simple to pack.

It is supplied with a 100mm lens plate and is compatible with the International QR system and optional Benro PL series special lens plates.

Technical Spec:

Length: 242mm

Width: 89mm

Height: 241mm

Base D: 56mm

Lock Hole: UNC 3/8″

Weight: 1.30kg

Maximum Load: 25kg

Camera Screw: 1/4″

SRP of the Benro GH2C is £563.94 including VAT.

Kenro’s Managing Director, Paul Kench, says: “This Gimbal head is rock solid and smooth in every adjustment. It is designed to complement the Benro tripod range, or any other tripod with a standard 1/4 inch screw fit. Photographers will love the combination of premium quality and light weight.”