An very common question I get asked is about controlling the Nikon and Canon flash systems over a large distance via radio control. There are solutions already on the market, but come the end of June we have a new Quantum Q Link option. Here are the official details from the importers:



NEW Quantum QLink:

Radio Control for Nikon & Canon speedlites

FLAGHEAD PHOTOGRAPHIC, the exclusive UK& Ireland distributor for Quantum products, are pleased to announce the NEW Quantum QLink!

Qlink is the wireless solution to controlling Nikon & Canon speedlites up to 600 feet away from the camera position using radio signals. QLink will not just fire the remote speedlites, but allows control in TTL, Manual and Auto modes as well as the setting of ratios!

This is how it works:

Speedlites: The QLink shoe adaptor fits over the hot-shoe of the flash and a cable connects to the Quantum FreeXwire receiver FW8R.

Camera: fit a Quantum Trio or Pilot to the camera hot-shoe, this has now become the master controller for any amount of Nikon, Canon or Qflash units within range. The Pilot allows 3 groups to be controlled independently and the Trio 2.

The Quantum FreeXwire uses radio waves, this has many advantages over Nikon & Canon’s remote wireless control system:

Radio triggers don’t get swamped by high ambient light levels

have a greater range: up to 600 feet

have no need “line-of-sight” issues

work in bright sunlight

receivers can be placed behind doors, walls, people and/or furniture!


Code: FW6C

Description: QLink for Canon speedlites

Code: FW6N

Description: QLink for Nikon Speedlights

Retail excl of  Vat: £95.00

Retail inc Vat: £114.00

Available: End of June


End. (14/06/11).