Last week Canon issued an interesting press statement that I am sure will start a conversation or two, both for or against. I am not getting involved in this one:).

Image © Canon Inc

From the official press release:

Canon is Europe’s ‘most trusted’ camera brand

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, May 17 2011 – Canon, world-leader in imaging solutions, has been voted as the top Camera Brand in the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands Survey 2011, an annual pan-European survey of consumer attitudes to brand products and services. Reader’s Digest asked its readers across 16 European countries to nominate the brand they trusted most in a range of consumer categories, including cameras.

Canon came out on top in 13 of the 16 countries based on the following four criteria: quality, excellent value, strong image and understands customer needs. This is the eleventh consecutive year that Canon has been voted as Europe’s top camera brand, reflecting its continued passion for the power of image and commitment to providing customers with imaging solutions that empower creativity and innovation.

End. (23/05/11).