Every so often you come across an announcement or news of something, that while not going to appeal to vast numbers, helps service a more specific need.

Braun have a range of 135mm slide film projectors for a variety of budgets. Here are the details:


Kenro expands its range of slide projectors

Kenro, the official UK and Ireland distributor of Braun products has announced the immediate availability of its top-of-the-range slide projectors. The five high quality projectors are suitable for home and professional presentation, displaying slides in remarkable quality.

The Braun range has a model suitable for most budgets and requirements, perfect if your projector is in need of upgrading or replacing. There are two series in the Braun collection, the Novamat with 3 different versions and the Paximat which is made up of 2 projectors.

The Novamat range: the E130, E150 and M330, feature an Infrared Autofocus system, a large setting wheel for exact focusing of the first slide and a precise lens guide offering comfortable and easy handling. The collection handles 3 magazine systems: Universal, CS and LKM. The M330 also has a built in screen. SRP is between £264 and £342.

The Paximat series, the 250AF and 250AFi, automatically accepts 6 magazine systems and features quick, precise image adjustment via the infrared focus system.  SRP for this collection is £372.60 with a cabled remote and £396.00 with a cordless remote.

Kenro is also the official UK and Ireland distributor of the acclaimed Reflecta range of slide projectors: the 2000 and 2500 series. The 2000 series of 3 different models have 150W halogen lamps and handle 3 magazine systems and are available with either a cabled remote, an infrared remote (AF-IR) or a built-in screen (AFM).  The 2500 series is similar but has a 250W halogen lamp and supports 6 magazine systems.

Other associated products in the Kenro range include Alpha-Lux and Crystal Line Rollo projector screens, and CS, Paximat and Universal slide magazines.

Paul Kench, Managing Director of Kenro commented: “Our Braun slide projectors are the ultimate choice in projection equipment, incredibly flexible and are simple to use. These projectors display slides in fantastic colour and quality and complement our existing Reflecta range which are also highly regarded for their quality and great price point.”

To view Kenro’s full range, or for details of your nearest stockist please visit www.kenro.co.uk, alternatively, call Kenro’s head office on 01793 615836 for further information.