I listen too other photographers speak so rarely, that at Focus, I try to catch a few minutes here and there when I have a break.

There was not ever going to be a chance to listen completely or to all speakers on the Nikon stand, but thought both Will Cheung talking about monochrome imagery (D700 shooter), and Jon McMurtrie about his time as the official photographer with Iron Maiden were very good (D3 shooter).

While I have no interest in that groups music, Jon’s story and experience shooting with Nikon equipment is one to see if it is repeated.

Off the stand I just caught a couple of minutes of Joe Cornish talking on the Phase One stand. One great little thought provoking comment came up. A question from the audience went along the lines of “do you wait for the best light”‘? In reply Joe was honest and said that he no longer does. He would rather make something of the light than not go out looking for shots at all if the forecast is not great.

This may not please the purists, but with post capture software it is possible to create something eye catching even from mundane originals. That said, I would rather be out taking shots than in front of a computer screen for too long. And when we shoot our landscapes, reaching for those graduated filters or one to polarise the light, it amounts to the same thing in my book.

End. 12/03/10).