FujiFilm have reintroduced an instant film camera range.

Many of us have used ‘instant’s professionally in the days before digital capture, as proofing means to check for example lighting. Tons of the stuff so it seemed.
Not overlooking those countless ‘family’ memories that must have been shot over the decades on Polaroid, Kodak and Fuji materials.

This type of image capture probably deserved more credit than I think it got from an ‘historic’ photographic viewpoint, so I think it nice to see it return.

These cameras though have a very definite marketing angle and a lot of course will depend on how much the film packs retail for.

Here are the details:

Fujifilm re-launches instant camera range

Fujifilm has announced a major re-launch of its Instax range of instant cameras and accompanying films.

There are four cameras in the range – the Instax Mini 7S, the Instax Mini 25, the Instax Mini 50 and the Instax 210. Each ‘Mini’ camera produces wallet-sized 62mm x 46mm prints while the larger 210 model prints at 62mm x 99mm. Each print has a deep border to write on a personal message if required.

All models feature built-in, automatic flash that makes them ideal for night clubs, concerts and parties.

The Mini 50S comes with a motor driven, two-position lens that allows the user to shoot close-up images. This model also features a self-timer that allows for two images to be taken with a single click, ideal for group shots.

Image © FujiFilm

Gabriel Da Costa, product manager from Fujifilm explained the move: “The market for instant photography has grown considerably in recent years and we felt the time was right to re-launch and re-brand our Instax range. Our main target area for Instax is 15-25 year old females and we will be taking out advertisements in relevant magazines to promote the range. We’ve also launched www.instax.co.uk together with a Facebook page to really help push instant photography.”

He continued: “Camera phones and digital compacts have brought photography to new areas but nothing can match the thrill of an instant print. There’s a whole generation who missed out on the ‘golden age’ of instant photography and we’re confident that the Instax range will prove to be a big hit with today’s tech-savvy youth. Instax cameras are the ideal addition to parties, weddings and days out and provide a lasting reminder in an instant.”

Instax Mini film (for use in all the Instax mini cameras) comes in a handy cartridge, giving stunning-quality instant images that fit into a purse, wallet or mini photoframe.

Instax Wide Film (for the Instax 210) also comes in an easy-load cartridge and delivers superb quality instant images in a new ‘landscape’ format that’s a refreshing change from the square picture shape long associated with instants.

Based on the same instant film technology that has long benefited the work of demanding professionals, Instax film achieves a level of image quality and colour accuracy that was hitherto thought impossible from these types of films – bringing brilliant instant pictures within everybody’s grasp. Professional quality instant film technology means accurate colour and sharpness with every frame, not to mention a unique and highly attractive way to take and share your photos.

Go to www.instax.co.uk for further information.

End. (13/11/11).