Image © John Clements

Its is one of those times of year that the Uk can be at its most beautiful and inspiring. The colours of Autumn are now looking good as I write this (October 23rd). But how do you capture them? Well apart from getting the technical settings right and waiting for suitable light, my advice as with any landscape imagery or many others for that matter, is to take your time. Tune in to what is around you and settle your senses. You will be amazed how often you end up seeing ‘the shot’ maybe even more than one when you at first struggled to separate the proverbial wood from the trees. Sometimes people can get lucky and snap a successful shot quickly, but it amazes me how often within a small area images can present themselves if we only make the time to look for long. Otherwise it can be the case that we looked but do not see. Also, dont leave it too long as things can change quickly by the day.

Image Info:
I shot this using a Nikon D3 fitted with a 105mm f/2.8 G AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor and SB-900.
While I find a tripod a most useful item for this kind of contemplative photography
this was not a planned shot so was hand held.
For many types of photography Nikon’s VR (Vibration Reduction) or Canon’s IS (Image Stabilisation) technologies as examples
do have  an important role to play in maintaining image sharpness. My thought process was to isolate the subject from the background.
1/1500th sec, f/3.3, TTL-BL FP flash,Nikon Capture NX2. © John Clements

End. (23/10/09).