Nothing serious this one, but it may like me, make you smile at how tv dramas and films can take ‘artistic liberties’ for our ‘enjoyment’.

Away from base working, I was flicking through TV channels last night in my hotel room and I saw not for the first time, a detective series that shows in photographic terms scant regard for photographic reality. Nothing serious as I say, really quite ammusing to see a photographer manually wind on a film camera , with more than once the acompanying high pitched whine of a motor drive.

I can often add to that scenes where the number of shots taken far exceeds those possible with a 36 exp film length, or images captured with say a 50mm lens, that when you see the prints a few scenes later, have amazingly been shot with a much longer telephoto.

Still Nikon got a good show of the then flagship digital camera the D2x when the program was made.

End. (01/07/10).