I have on a number of occasions on this site, mentioned that I find the way Fuji approach things quite honest and refreshing. It is no great surprise, but still a disappointment that the following news item was released today from Fujifilm Professional in the Uk.

Sensia is not a range of film I have used overly, as I have shot more on Astia, Provia and Velvia emulsion as I had got to know them before Sensia came along. That said the little Sensia I have shot has impressed. From the official release:

Official News Release from Fujifilm Professional
Release Date: 11 August 2010

Fujifilm discontinues Sensia range
Fujifilm Professional has announced that the Fujifilm Corporation in Japan is to cease manufacture of the Fujichrome Sensia slide film range with immediate effect. It is anticipated the UK holds sufficient stocks of most speeds of Sensia to satisfy demand until December 2010.

Fujifilm’s Product Manager for Professional Film, Gabriel Da Costa explains the move: “Due to increasing production costs and decreasing demand globally, all Fujichrome Sensia film (100, 200 & 400 ISO) has been discontinued. Our laboratory in Leeds will continue to process and mount Fujichrome Sensia film until all stocks are depleted, including all rolls previously sold and awaiting processing.”

While the loss of Sensia will be a blow to fans of film photography, Fujifilm will continue to manufacture a range of other colour reversal films, as Da Costa says: “Fujichrome Provia or Fujichrome Velvia are both ready-made replacements for Sensia and both these ranges are readily available. Customers can continue to have their professional film processed and mounted using our Fujifilm E6 Processing Vouchers available from the laboratory itself. We have no plans to close our Leeds processing operation and we will continue to support E6, C41, B&W and RA4 services for our customers.”

End. (11/08/10).