Just like the old saying about waiting for a bus… two Reflector film scanners have arrived. The we dealt with Reflecta x4plus-Scan in a news post on June 2nd. Now we have a ‘pro’ scanner.

Having dust removal software is an important feature for many photographers and this one features the proven Digital Ice design.

Good resolution and but depth also look good on paper.

Here are the official details:

New super-fast CCD scanner from Reflecta

Kenro has announced the launch of the ProScan 7200, a new CCD scanner from Reflecta.

One of the key benefits of the ProScan 7200 is its extreme speed of scanning – just 1 minute 35 seconds for a colour scan with 3600 dpi and 48 bit colour depth. The ProScan 7200 scans slides and negatives with optical resolutions as high as 3600 dpi, and optical density of 3.8 Dmax. The results are top quality scans.

The scanner features Digital ICETM – Hardware based Dust-and Scratch removal with infrared sensors; Digital ROCTM – Color Restoration and Digital GEMTM – Grain Management, which minimizes grain to restore the sharpness of the image.

“The ProScan 7200 is a real speed machine,” says Kenro Managing Director, Paul Kench. “This high speed, coupled with the excellent quality of reproduction makes it the ideal purchase for anyone wishing to digitise their treasured slides and film.”

The scanner comes supplied with holders for four mounted 35mm slides up to 3.2mm thick and film strips up to six exposures. The unit also comes with Photoshop Elements and Reflecta’s in-house scanning software, Cyberview X. The ProScan 7200 is available now with an RRP of £449.99.


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