An interesting accessory for those shooting and stitching panoramics has just been announced:


Flaghead Photographic, the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for US manufacturer Custom Brackets, are pleased to announce a new product:  The Nodal Slide.

The Nodal Slide is used to position a lens so that its “nodal point” is over the center of rotation on a panoramic or ball head. It can also be used to mount a camera directly onto a “gimbal head” (used as a perpendicular plate).

The Nodal Slide makes it possible for you to adjust your camera’s position, front to back, to position the lens nodal point over the centre of rotation for accurately stitched panoramic images.

• Double dovetail for added versatility
• Precision machined aluminium
• Compatible with Arca Swiss, Acratech, Kirk, Arca, R.R.S., and many other QR plates
• Beautiful black anodized finish
• Laser-engraved scale markings

Custom Brackets is a long established and well known US manufacturer of high quality camera brackets, camera rotating mounts and flash mounting accessories.

To see the product details on the Custom Brackets site:

Nodal Slide  (CBNOS) £82.80 inc Vat

End. (13/12/11).