When: Saturday July 9th 2016.
Where: Calumet Drummond Street (London).
Level Of Content: Intro/intermediate/Advanced.

Shooting film has not gone away, and has carved a niche in many peoples twenty-first century image making tool kit.

From those returning to film shooting, or those simply embracing it for the first time. It is different, slows you down with all the benefits of shooting and enjoyment that can bring.

So drawing on my decades of film shooting, I am very pleased to offer therefore this ‘Fun With Film’ mini workshop with Calumet.

This one focuses on shooting slide film, its practical use from capture to viewing/output.

So why not dust off the old film camera you just can’t get rid of, or bring one you have acquired, and enjoy not just some background info and image shooting ideas, but a complimentary roll of transparency film to shoot.

For more information and or to book, please ‘Click Here’ to go to Calumet’s Seminar web site.