New Course Dates…


We have in recent months tentatively hosted a small number of our workshops. Mostly from our 'By Invitation Only' (BIO) series, but also one or two of our standard courses. I am pleased to say that we shall very shortly begin posting dates and details for more of these taking place in the next few [...]

New Course Dates…2022-06-23T11:58:51+01:00

Honourable Hotshoe History…


Being able to understand and use optional lighting, rather than just rely on daylight I find one of the most if not the most useful tool of photography. And thank you once again to the thousands who have over the decades, been on our various Speedlite/Speedlight, Studio Lighting and LED lighting workshops where we share [...]

Honourable Hotshoe History…2022-06-23T11:53:43+01:00

Rogue ‘s Round…


When Rogue first introduced 'FlashBender' Speedlight/Speedlite attachments, I was a little sceptical. But having tried them I came to use them, particularly as the range grew and other items appeared. Not perfect for everything, but they certainly gave the Speedlight shooter light weight, portable and pretty robust light shaping attachments. Now we have some new [...]

Rogue ‘s Round…2022-06-22T12:46:37+01:00

The Jubilee Picture…


I hope everyone enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations. Such an amazing woman who deserved all of the platitudes. The UK once again put on a show.Just how many pictures were shot by professionals and the public must be an amazing number. History recorded for future generations alongside our own personal memories.And let us not forget, the [...]

The Jubilee Picture…2022-06-22T13:12:31+01:00

New Orwo C-41 Film…


There was a time you could not move for C-41 print films © John Clements. There was a time when the list of available C-41 negative films was long. Very long. Probably the 1990’s were the heyday. And although I shot mostly transparency or as some called them positives, or ‘slides” back then, I still [...]

New Orwo C-41 Film…2022-06-14T11:03:05+01:00

Digital Black & White Portrait Workshop Saturday May 28th (London)…


Our digital black and white portrait workshop is taking place again at the end of this month. This event comes under our 'By Invitation Only' (BIO) events and cover pretty unique ground at times. As such, they are a few notches up from our 'standard' workshops, for the advanced shooter, or those interested in achieving [...]

Digital Black & White Portrait Workshop Saturday May 28th (London)…2022-05-11T13:08:20+01:00

Retro Refresh?…


There is no denying the capabilities of a modern digital camera. But that sheer weight of flexibility and the resulting number of menu settings, can become what I think of as ‘enjoyment paralysis’ if you are not careful, and become more of a chore than anything else.Really understanding and setting up a camera for your [...]

Retro Refresh?…2022-05-11T14:12:10+01:00

Z Nikkor 800mm f/6.3 VR S Announced…


Nikon today announced the NIKKOR Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S. The lens is a full frame ‘Z’ mount optic. Improved optical and AF performance with reduced weight are the strengths. It can become a 1200 or 1600mm teleconverter with compatible converters. Here are the press release details. JC (06/04/22). NIKON RELEASES THE UNIQUELY PORTABLE NIKKOR [...]

Z Nikkor 800mm f/6.3 VR S Announced…2022-04-15T05:39:21+01:00

Blooming Marvellous…


Spring is certainly showing, gaining strength and blossom is developing. Professionally, my main focus has been people and commercial photography. But I love the natural world, and try to live a ‘green’ life as much as is practical in our modern society. Early in my career, possibly even while still a student, I realised that [...]

Blooming Marvellous…2022-05-11T11:58:43+01:00

By Invitation Only, Black & White Portrait Workshop…


Our next ‘By Invitation Only’ (BIO) workshop is taking place in London on May 7th. Invitations are going out to those who have registered. If you are interested and have not received an invitation, or would like to join this exclusive range of events, please: Click Here. Common to our ‘BIO” events, we share and [...]

By Invitation Only, Black & White Portrait Workshop…2022-05-11T10:32:58+01:00