Next ‘By Invitation Only’ Events…


Invitations for our March (London) and April (Sussex) ‘By Invitation Only’ events have now gone out. If you have not received yours, or you would like enquire about joining, then of course please use our contact form. Best wishes and good photography, John (23/02/24).

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New Sigma Lenses for ‘L’ & ‘E’ Mount Cameras…


Sigma today announced further options for Leica 'L' &  Sony 'E' mount camera users. Two extremes in focal length. It has been a long while since I shot with any Sigma optic but both look nicely substantial in build from the images. Here is a brief description. Best wishes and good photography. John. (21/02/24). SIGMA [...]

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Fujifilm X100 VI


Fujifilm has announced the X100 VI This includes a ‘limited’ edition option. Few manufacturers build (compact) cameras these days, just not enough money to be made. In fairness the move too using mobile phones for picture taking in the way that people do, is obviously the reason.But that said, if you can carve a niche, [...]

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27mm Viltrox To Offer F/1.2 lens for Sony APS-C cameras…


A new lens under the Viltrox name is being introduced for Sony 'E' mount cameras. Giving an angle of view equating to a 40mm on full frame camera, it promises cutting edge performance. Here are some of the released details.   Best wishes and good photography,   John (07/02/24).       In addition to [...]

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Free Camera Marketing Has An Important Value…


For all of the money manufacturers spend on advertising, there are moments when something completely unplanned or anticipated gives coverage that marketing departments can only dream about. You may remember during the Olympics when Usain Bolt picked up a camera and started to photograph the sports photographers. Well yesterday at the Emirates Stadium, home of [...]

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Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100C…


Hasselblad has announced two new top end products. They have that classic and beautiful look of times gone by, but are bang up to date with the under the bonnet technology. Here are the official details. Best wishes and good photography. John. (24/01/24). Hasselblad Unveils the 907X & CFV 100C: Enhancing Medium Format Photography with [...]

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Going Slow Has Benefits…


In the last couple of posts I have tried to suggest that less can be more to the benefit of your photography. In simple pleasure, practical and workflow terms. Post capture is one area of the process that is usually focused upon software. Captioning, correction and enhancement are all needed skills of the serious photographer. [...]

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Less is more…


Following up the theme I started with the last post, I want to suggest something that should benefit virtually all in their photography going forwards. Without doubt one of the things that technology has changed is simply the speed and number of shots photographers of all kinds tend to take, compared to those of yesteryear. [...]

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Taking The Kiss…


One of the famous images taken during the 1950s, featured a couple kissing on the streets of Paris. Robert Doisneau shot ’image Le baiser de l'hôtel de ville’ (The Kiss by the City Hall), became in later decades, a commercial success. It was originally published in Life magazine. He was considered one of the pioneers [...]

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Seasons Greetings…


I would like to extend my best wishes to you all for the festive season. And a Happy New Year! Best wishes and good photography, John. (23/12/23).

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