Nikon Introduce NIKKOR Z DX 18-140mm f/3.5-6.3 VR…


Today Nikon announce a new 'Z' mount zoom lens. It seems to be a nicely specified entry to those shooting with the 'Z' system using the DX format. Although the price does not seem so entry level, the weight, versatility and potential image quality, could still make it very good value. John. (13/10/21). NIKON ADDS [...]

Nikon Introduce NIKKOR Z DX 18-140mm f/3.5-6.3 VR…2021-10-13T13:21:21+01:00

New Rotolight Products…


Rotolight today announce two new and interesting LED products and supporting accessories. Good color control, plus a Bowens 'S' accessory mount caught my eye, along with highspeed sync and quite a bit more. Sounds impressive. John. (12/10/21). London, Tuesday 12 October 2021: Award-winning British LED lighting company, Rotolight, is today announcing the next generation of its [...]

New Rotolight Products…2021-10-13T13:21:03+01:00

Hasselblad 907x Anniversary Edition…


Those who know me, or have visited this site regularly during the last dozen years or so, will know that apart from all of the full frame images, I have particularly liked shooting 'medium format' across various products and systems. Among those I certainly look back with some fondness are my 'Blad' years. I also [...]

Hasselblad 907x Anniversary Edition…2021-09-29T14:55:42+01:00

NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2 On Sale Soon…


Nikon today gave the release details about the NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2. I think that if it stands up to the performance claims, this is a very sensible if, for many, on face value an unexciting addition to the 'Z' system. I have long ago, as mentioned previously, thought a 40mm focal length and angle [...]

NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2 On Sale Soon…2021-09-14T12:07:23+01:00

Canon R3 Pushes Boundaries…


There is no doubt that if cutting edge camera tech is your thing, then Canon's EOS R3 would most likely take the prize for currently being at the pinnacle of achievement. Today Canon announced final details of this 'wonder kid' to follow the publicity it has already had. For my own part, I look at [...]

Canon R3 Pushes Boundaries…2021-10-13T13:20:17+01:00

By Invitation Only, October Date…


I would like to thank those who have kindly enquired about our workshops. The interest and support is appreciated, not just from those who have been with us often on many occasions over the years, but new people. Reality is that ‘partner’ companies have not yet, since the original and later easing of lock down, [...]

By Invitation Only, October Date…2021-10-14T06:57:13+01:00

New ‘E’ & ‘L” Optics From Sigma…


Sigma today announced two new lenses for use with the 'L' mount cameras from Leica, Panasonic and Sigma, plus the same models for 'E' mount cameras from Sony. Although billed under the 'Contemporary' series, they look far from run of the mill. And I think priced appropriately. Here is the official announcement detail for the [...]

New ‘E’ & ‘L” Optics From Sigma…2021-09-09T13:35:48+01:00

New ‘E’ & ‘L” Optics From Sigma (2)…


Here are the official announcement details for the 90mm F2 DG DN. John. (09/11/21). EXCLUSIVELY FOR MIRRORLESS CAMERAS | COMPATIBLE WITH FULL-FRAME CAMERAS I series – Premium Compact Primes for mirrorless users New standards of optical performance for the Contemporary line Exceptional I series build quality with a compact form-factor UK SRP: £549.99 |On sale [...]

New ‘E’ & ‘L” Optics From Sigma (2)…2021-09-12T13:55:57+01:00

Profoto In 10 & 10 Plus Sizes…


I can't begin to imagine, how many hours in the last twenty years or so I have spent shooting with Profoto products. And that is without including other brands. That is a lot of time and shots certainly, but I like controlled lighting. Maybe I should try to get out a little more though. Today, [...]

Profoto In 10 & 10 Plus Sizes…2021-09-12T13:57:20+01:00

Fuji Add Too GF-X System with GF-X 50s II…


Recently I finished putting FujiFilm’s GF-X 100s through it’s paces. I will post about that soon. One of the things I had already included in my thoughts was that the GF-X 100s bodies design, just lent itself to an updated 50mp model, possibly even a lower resolution option as well, as I can also see [...]

Fuji Add Too GF-X System with GF-X 50s II…2021-10-13T13:06:22+01:00