'Studio Lighting – The Lighting Studio' Workshop…


'The Lighting Studio' workshop is an amazing course and always very well received. For the beginner to the pro, it is packed with really useful content, way beyond what people usually expect. So if you wish to learn about studio lighting step - by step, from the basics to much higher levels, in the shortest [...]

'Studio Lighting – The Lighting Studio' Workshop…2018-04-16T06:37:25+01:00

Nikon Pro Seminars…


I have an extensive Nikon background (see about) as many know. And I am delighted that after so many years, Nikon still invite me to come on board as an 'Evangelist/Ambassador to assist in helping photographers get the best from the system. I do this in a non biased way, happy to help people get [...]

Nikon Pro Seminars…2018-04-16T06:37:25+01:00

Speedlight School – 'Flashes Of Inspiration' Workshop…


Our 'Flashes Of Inspiration' workshop has been inspiring and informing photographers of all levels for many years. Always updated to keep it current, it simply takes potentially years off of the flash photography learning curve. To put it simply...It has helped countless people use portable flash with creativity and confidence, and is a great foundation [...]

Speedlight School – 'Flashes Of Inspiration' Workshop…2018-04-16T06:37:25+01:00

Speedlight School – 'Portrait Photography Inside & Out' Workshop…


'Shoot It With Speedlights - Inside Out Portrait Photography Workshop'. A head shot to an environmental portrait, from friends and family to the bride and groom. Business people to that person who simply has ‘character’. Portrait shooting is truly an art in itself, fun and rewarding once you have the skills to realise your options, [...]

Speedlight School – 'Portrait Photography Inside & Out' Workshop…2018-04-16T06:37:25+01:00

'Shooting Black & White Photography'. A Crash Course Seminar…


Having learned my craft creating and shooting monochrome film images, I retain the passion and appreciation for high quality black and white photography. Some do not see the benefits, after all, we live in a colourfull world, and are bombarded constantly with high quality colour imagery. But are they falling victim to their own preconceptions? [...]

'Shooting Black & White Photography'. A Crash Course Seminar…2018-04-16T06:37:25+01:00

Speedlight School – 'Landscape Photography', A Crash Course Seminar…


The landscape remains what it always has been, an inspiration for various forms of art and artists. We are no different as photographers, in fact, why not bring a strength of photography - controllable lighting - to the landscape? I have suggested on other lighting courses for many years, just how useful a Speedlight or [...]

Speedlight School – 'Landscape Photography', A Crash Course Seminar…2018-04-16T06:37:25+01:00

Product Photography From The Ground-Up Workshop…


Product photography 'From The Ground-Up' is a workshop packed with things you simply can not pick up easily if at all, except through a practical workshop or shooting experience. Step - by - step, it is a fascinating day, opening up product shooting skills from here on in, taking lots off of the learning curve [...]

Product Photography From The Ground-Up Workshop…2018-04-16T06:37:25+01:00

Shoot It With Studio Lighting – Portrait Photography Workshop…


  Portraits are such important photographs. From the beginner to the pro, this event has plenty to offer to any one wishing to shoot high quality portraits with studio lighting. It is an ideal follow on from our 'The Lighting Studio' workshop as it covers in much more depth lighting specifically for portraits. Those attending [...]

Shoot It With Studio Lighting – Portrait Photography Workshop…2018-04-16T06:37:38+01:00

By Invitation Only (BIO) Workshop…


BIO (By Invitation Only) events are designed to supplement our popular general courses. They are for those people who have previously attended one or more of our events, and as a consequence, we know where they have reached as a minimum in terms of their photography skills, subjects and technicalities. A BIO event therefore enables [...]

By Invitation Only (BIO) Workshop…2018-04-16T06:37:38+01:00

'Shoot That Wedding' Workshop…


Shooting a wedding is one of the photographer’s busiest days. And if you don’t get as much right as possible on the day, you may have an extensive amount of post capture afterwards. So for those shooting the ‘one off’, or looking to start a career, or simply wishing to add to they’re existing wedding [...]

'Shoot That Wedding' Workshop…2018-04-16T06:37:38+01:00