Nikon D5 Pro Flagship D SLR Announced (05/01/16)…


Nikon have announced some for the details for the new flagship FX format D SLR. Many know of my Nikon heritage, both technically working with the company, and as a pro photographer with decades of shooting experience. So I have lots of thoughts and things to say, but now is not the time. For the [...]

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New Nikon D500 DX SLR (05/01/16)…


After a long wait, (and as I have been telling people a mistaken belief it would not happen), Nikon have announced the new DX format flagship camera the D500. And as with the D3 and D300 cameras, the simultaneous D5 and D500 availability will have something for all Nikon's D SLR users, no matter their [...]

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New Nikon D810A Nikon's Star Gazer (10/02/15)…


      Nikon have today announced the D810A. A specialist camera, it is good to see it added to the system, even if a little overdue I think. The late H.P. Arnold a very accomplished UK astro photographer who I had the pleasure to know when we both contributed to the British Journal Of [...]

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Nikon D5500 (06/01/15)…


      Nikon have today updated the D5xxx series with the D5500 camera. Certainly packed with features and bang up to date with technology, here we go with the official announcement details: Do your world justice with the Nikon D5500 The first compact DX-format D-SLR with a vari-angle touchscreen RRPs Nikon D5500 body only [...]

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Nikon D750 (12/09/14)…


Nikon have today announced the D750 D SLR. There is certainly a lot to like technology wise. And at last - something I have been suggesting should have been on a more serious Nikon D SLR that the D5xxx series for a long time. - An adjustable, tilt-able LCD screen. Not for everyone, but what you [...]

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Nikon D810 (26/06/14)…


  I AM A Modern Masterpiece Introducing Nikon’s new high-resolution master: the astonishingly versatile D810 RRP and Sales Start Date Body Only: £2699.99 / €3229.00 Sales start date: 17th July 2014     London, UK, 26th June 2014 Nikon today introduces the D810, the new high-resolution master that’s ready for anything. From delicate textures to high-speed movement, this astonishingly [...]

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Nikon D4s (25/02/14)…


I AM FULL THROTTLE The ultimate imaging machine has advanced: Nikon introduces its new FX-format flagship, the D4S RRPs Body only: £5,199.99 / €6,199.00 Sales start date: 6th March 2014 London, UK, 25th February 2014: Nikon today announces the D4S, a new 16.2 megapixel FX-format flagship camera built to keep professionals ahead of the game. [...]

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Nikon D3300 (07/01/14)…


Nikon have also announced a new entry level D SLR the D3300. Here we go with the details: I AM FOR IMPORTANT MOMENTS Simply Stunning: capture all the beauty of the moment with the new Nikon D3300 RRPs: Body: £499.99 / €599.99 18-55VRII Kit: £599.99 / €719.00 Sales start date: 6th Feb 2014  London, UK, [...]

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Nikon Df Retro D SLR (05/11/13)…


Nikon have today announced the much rumored 'retro' D SLR. Lots to like on face value for many based on what people have been asking for and what has actually been produced, including a 'retro' 50mm lens as part of the inclusive outfit. More comments later. Here we go with the official details: I AM [...]

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