Leica Announce …


Leica have announced some new Leica M mount lenses. Here we go with the official details: Three variations of M lenses: Leica Camera AG introduces a new variant and two special editions lenses for the Leica M. Wetzlar, February 14, 2020. Leica Camera AG presents three new lenses for the Leica M- System: the silver [...]

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Leica Announce M10 Monochrom…


Leica have announced the M10 Monochrom. I shot a little with the original Monochrom and as a black and white photography fan, it just made sense. This new higher resolution model promises to enhance the medium for the dedicated shooter. And all wrapped up in the wonderful 'photography' first Leica design. Here we go with [...]

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Leica Announce SL2…


Apart from the decades old and on going Canon vs Nikon debate, I can not think of another brand that creates such initial opinions for or against as Leica. Definitely a 'Marmite' brand. Today Leica AG have announced the much rumoured SL2. I did have an option to shoot with the original SL for a [...]

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Leica CL ‘100 jahre bauhaus’ Announced…


Leica AG have announced a 100 year celebration of the Bauhaus by introducing a special edition of the Leica CL, available very soon. Here we go with the official details: Limited special edition for the 100th anniversary: The Leica CL ‘100 jahre bauhaus’ Wetzlar, 17 May 2019. Leica Camera AG celebrates the 100th anniversary of [...]

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Leica Q2 Arrives…


I have not used one myself, but I know people seem very pleased with the performance of the Leica Q. Today the next generation has been introduced. The Leica Q2 certainly looks an interesting concept. Here we go with the official details: Leica Q2: The new generation of the compact camera with a full-frame sensor [...]

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Leica Q-P Announced Today…


Today Leica Camera AG has announced the Leica Q-P. A full frame camera with high speed prime lens. Here we go with the official details: Leica Q-P: The epitome of understated: introducing the new design of the Leica Q Wetzlar, 6th November 2018. Leica Camera AG is proud to present the next model of its high-performance, [...]

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Leica M10-D Arrives…


No matter what people think about the Leica brand, and yes it does create strong opinions for and against, I would be honest when I say that they do make cameras for photographers still. What I mean, are features the experienced can utalise without all of the other options that clutter the vast majority of [...]

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Leica SL Announced (20/10/15)…


When Nikon, Canon or Leica announce a new professional camera, it is always a moment that gets people interested. The Leica SL Typ 601 is a very interesting camera and new pro model. It's mirrorless system is the most obvious design feature, the first in a marque pro brand pro camera model, but will not [...]

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Leica S (Type 007) 25/08/15…


I always think it worth looking at what some specific companies are doing when they introduce a new camera. These are the ones that in my opinion, are still interested in photography and what their products can do for photographers first and foremost. Those people do not need every nuance of technology, just some of [...]

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