Further Film Demise…


Fujifilm have confirmed rumors about the discontinuation of various film emulsions in different formats. All companies are of course businesses, that streamline to make their potential profits. And in that sense you have sympathy for those who may have argued against this on a more emotional or customer loyalty basis, if of course anyone has. [...]

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Film Fantastic…


A press release arrived a week ago that I wanted to look into before commenting. It concerned the announcement of PhotoUk, and a web site that while irrelevant to most today, will please those still following the now 'niche' path of shooting film. This new web site offers film stock covering both negative and positive [...]

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New Canon Film Scanner…


Another niche product just announced, is a new film and document scanner from Canon. But well done Canon for supporting this medium still. Here are the official details of the The 9000F Mark II: Canon launches top-of-the-range photo scanner with advanced software CanoScan 9000F Mark II United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 5th March 2013 – [...]

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Fuji – Further Film Demise…


      Some things are still disappointing, even when you just had a feeling it was coming. FujiFilm have today announced the forthcoming discontinuation of some well known and respected emulsions. That said, credit the company with a useful lead up time, more companies would do well to follow this example. Here are the [...]

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New Medium Format Film Scanner…


Reflecta have been busy in recent months. It makes you wonder if film is on its way back in a big way? But on a serious note, there are still lots who prefer to shoot film or do so alongside digital capture for a variety of reasons. And certainly, medium format shooting remains a proven [...]

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New Scanning Software coming….


LaserSoft and in particular their SilverFast software will be familiar too many people, who have come to digital via film shooting. Understandably, things do not move as quickly in this area compared to say during the previous decade, but this might be worth the wait? Apart from being compatible with a very wide range of [...]

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Another New Reflecta Scanner…


Just like the old saying about waiting for a bus... two Reflector film scanners have arrived. The we dealt with Reflecta x4plus-Scan in a news post on June 2nd. Now we have a 'pro' scanner. Having dust removal software is an important feature for many photographers and this one features the proven Digital Ice design. Good [...]

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New Film Scanner…


  A name that has been around a very long time is that of Reflector. Under that name we have a new film scanner for the enthusiast. It is nice to see a number of such units still on the market as there must still be millions of images captured over the years in 135 [...]

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Waiting To Try…


          Image © Nik Software As many of you know I like working in monochrome. And while I have used, and continue to use many tools post capture, one of the most significant products in recent years has been I think Nik Software's Silver Effex Pro. Either as a [...]

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Film Site Revamp…


Choosefilm.com the site dedicated to analog shooters has had a make over. Here is the official announcement: Relaunched ChooseFilm.com website now live ChooseFilm.com, the online community for film users, has undergone a complete re-design which has seen the site relaunch with many new features. The new-look ChooseFilm.com is much more 'social' in its functionality. For [...]

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