No, I am not talking about the football, but rather the contest off the pitch.

If a game is not so engrossing, I will when the TV coverage shows it, have a quick glance at the photographers and the kit they are using. Cant help it, just instinct and I am sure many of you are the same.

Image © Nikon Corporation

If we were to go back to say the 1986 World Cup or before, it was the case that by far the majority of people would have seen lots of black Nikkor lenses. Nikon in those days were the dominant force in Sports Photography and most other fields where 35mm film was used.

But around 1990 there was a big seachange, and the white optics of Canon’s EOS line became by far the noticeable brand on the back of the EOS systems rapid success.

But here we are in 2010, and following Nikon’s very successful D3 and now D3s in the sports photography arena, we have also seen in the last few years a significant return to those Black lenses being on show.

I am not sure who has had the most? Different games and angles seemed to have some more white than black, and visa versa. So unlike on the pitch, maybe this one is going to end all square?

Image © Canon Corporation

Interesting analogy is that wherever I go, photographers seem to treat their choice of camera brand as ‘their’ team, and get as passionate about it as some football supporters. I have learned to tread carefully.

And if you have not been looking, you probably will now, sorry.

End. (09/07/10).