ColorEdge_CG277CrIt happens. Expect it, prepare for it, and still be disappointed when it does. Equipment goes wrong! Choose well and you can lessen the times you go through that process.

However, and without wishing to sound arrogant, when you are a professional photographer, some items hit you with immediate impact and in every way.

Time, workflow and cost. Not overlooking frustration and stress levels.

Not so much cameras, as a professional let alone most enthusiasts, will (should) have a back-up in some form.

Lenses are similar in that there should be plan ‘b’ to tackle the same things. Be that other optics owned or rental.

Although in my experience, you do not often have a back-up exactly the same as you might in camera terms.

How many photographers do you know who have two 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses from their camera system manufacturer?

There are some, but not many.

But for me, even though I knew it would happen, the ending of my current main monitors days is more of a frustration.

No warning – it was calibrating and performing – until it just stopped pulsating its last LCD.

In fairness over nine years and significant hours of use, it has paid for itself again and again and again, in my estimation.

Really pleased with it. From offices to studios, at numerous locations it has also travelled well when needed.

But nine years old, it is no longer supported by the manufacturer in a real sense.

So without the parts needed, it looks like recycling when I can dispose of it properly, and in the correct manor.

However, it is easy to spend time engrossing in every product of every kind available today, we live in a very fast changing product world after all.

But as a pro you need to spend your time sensibly.

So I decided a couple of years ago to prepare in a different way for this eventuality.

Rather than buy a second main monitor back then, I have instead, kept a casual eye on the technology, and half an ear to the ground of those in the know, and who are using high quality products in demanding workflow environments.

This ‘osmosis’ now can come to fruition, I pretty much know the monitor I want in size, technology and other terms, with minimal time researching.

And yes I did narrow it down to either an NEC or an Eizo like many today. (The choice in brands is not as wide as it was).

It will probably be an Eizo for me.

In the meantime, it is very sobering not having such an important tool in place in the workflow, that pretty much we can all take for granted on a daily basis.

Makes you realise again, just how important it is to have ‘quality’ at this stage of the workflow to work with. It is one of the most important things we can do.

 End (30/07/14).