As we draw close to Election day, I wonder if among all the TV footage, there is one stills shot that for you, captures this election? For me Im not sure I have seen one yet.

I prefer the more spontaneous ‘capturing of the moment’ to the set-up image. That in itself may explain a lot, as the leaders are often surrounded by supporters (sometimes made too appear as the general public), rather than the public in the way they used to be. But even amid supporters, the expressions, gestures and angles of the images I have seen, appear all too similar.

Having met numerous politicians during my career, I have found them to be a cooperative and often friendly bunch, but spare a thought for any photographers with accreditation too follow intermittently one leader or another, as they strive too capture that one shot that may in time become the iconic moment for this election. That will take patience and reaction speed if it happens. And from there, it will be down to a Canon or Nikon AF, flash and exposure system most likely.

End. (05/05/10).