So London, the UK and the world await tomorrow. It promises to be one of those things we do well in Britain with plenty of pomp, ceremony and talking points. And of course, potentially some wonderful imagery to save for posterity. We obviously wish the Royal couple well, and hope their day and future life together is full of great moments and memories.

But apart from any big day nerves on their part, and the obvious people playing significant roles, spare a thought for those who will probably go unnoticed, but have a job to do.

The Services, catering staff and of course photographers amongst them. They may be starting to feel a few nerves of their own as the time approaches. Will they sleep well tonight?

From a photographers perspective, what a chance though to create lasting images that the world may see long into the future. So the official and press photographers understandably will have a day going not for the first time through the possibilities in their minds. Both Nikon and canon will have nearby ‘service and support’ facilities for members of their accredited professional user schemes (NPS Nikon Professional Services and CPS Canon Professional Services).

I have always found with big (and small) events, that people forget a few nerves may be quite normal. If you have prepared properly as a photographer however, those are quite different to knowing you have not. This is something we cover in some of our courses for professionals.

But even if you just are taking a few snaps either in London or wherever you may be tomorrow, they will bring back memories of the day for many as they are viewed in the years to come. So why not make sure you get your ‘Royal Wedding’ day photo’s.

Still hoping of course for that last minute call to say that both our invitation to the wedding, and of course to shoot the official pictures got lost in the post. Enjoy the day whatever you will be doing.

End. (28/04/11).