A fluke of circumstance last weekend, ended up with my assisting another photographer who I don’t know, get some shots for one of this weekends broadsheets.

I was waiting for some friends while standing outside my favorite football teams stadium, in a place where fans often take personal shots, and tv crews interview people.

I just happened to notice an obvious pro taking some shots of a man wearing a football scarf with the stadium as backdrop.

It went through my mind momentarily that while the on camera (Canon system) shots using a Speedlite and a small Lastolite Ezybox Speedlite softbox were probably fine, some off camera, may look a bit more dynamic.

At that exact moment the photographer looked around to ask as it happened me, if I could hold the flash. I did of course.

I don’t normally say who I am when people start talking with me about photography when they see my kit unless they ask, but I gave the game away a bit when I mentioned that his Pocket Wizard system was not set correctly.

Better to risk sounding a big head when you use the stuff yourself and can see a problem, than let someone waste a few frames for fear of stepping in. Especially as I could see on the photographers face they were up against time a little.

So, this weekend, I may find I have assisted with a published shot that was not my own for a very, very long time. Keeps the feet on the ground:).

End. (27/01/12).