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Leica's New London Oasis…


Leica is a brand that needs no introduction. A few years ago they opened a store/studio in Mayfair London. On Monday, a new store opens also at one of London's prestigious locations in the Bank area of the capital. Here we go with the official details: Leica opens its doors at The Royal Exchange Iconic [...]

Leica's New London Oasis…2015-10-01T09:59:47+01:00

Leica T System Firmware Update…


Firmware and other software updates seem a regular part of a photographers life today. But improved performance certainly and sometimes new features are not to be turned down. Leica have just announced a firmware update for the 'T' camera system, and details of some lenses coming next year". Here we go with the official details: [...]

Leica T System Firmware Update…2015-09-19T16:47:31+01:00

Shoot It Like A Pro Metering, Exposure & Colour (London)…


    When: Wednesday November 25th 2015. Where: Park Cameras (London). Level Of Content: intermediate/Advanced. 'Shoot It like A Pro - Metering, Exposure & Colour', takes each crucial aspect to successful image making from the basics. Then step-by-step, clearly explains the tools, techniques and how things work for anyone from the beginner to the pro [...]

Shoot It Like A Pro Metering, Exposure & Colour (London)…2015-09-16T08:59:58+01:00

Nikon Pro Talk (Salisbury)…


        When: Friday November 6th 2015. Where: Castle Cameras Salisbury. Level Of Content: Intro/Intermediate/Advanced. I am pleased to say following our visit to The Owl & Raptor Center, with Nikon and Castle Cameras, that we have another event coming along. This one majors on the popular, but certainly not easy (to do [...]

Nikon Pro Talk (Salisbury)…2015-09-15T19:07:30+01:00

'The Lighting Studio' (London)…


When: Saturday November 7th 2015. Where: Calumet (Drummond Street) London. Level Of Content: Intro/intermediate/Advanced. I am delighted to say that our very well received 'The Lighting Studio' workshop is returning to Calumet Drummond St London during early November. So if you wish to learn about studio lighting from the basics to higher levels in the [...]

'The Lighting Studio' (London)…2015-09-10T11:39:40+01:00

Canon's Sensor Development…


Canon have issued a press release today about one of their technology developments. Makes interesting reading, but of course that does not mean it will reach the market as it is currently described. If it does it will be for specific specialist uses as described. Here we go with the details:         [...]

Canon's Sensor Development…2015-09-07T09:55:25+01:00

Next Generation Tamron Special Performance Lenses…


                          Tamron have long been a name that film and digital SLR users have been familiar with. They have today announced the first two lenses in their redesigned SP (special performance) lens range. I remember twenty-five to thirty years ago,  alongside Tokina with [...]

Next Generation Tamron Special Performance Lenses…2015-09-02T09:02:37+01:00

Sekonic Cash Back Offer…


      The Sekonic L-308s is often a meter I suggest to those working with studio lighting, who do not wish to break the bank. It is a good meter, I have used it mostly in studio environments, but it can be used for daylight photography as well. One of the things that appeals [...]

Sekonic Cash Back Offer…2015-09-01T07:35:35+01:00

New Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM…


Canon have today announced a very interesting new 35mm f/1.4 lens. Sounds good to me, ticking optical and other boxes. Here we go with the details:         A modern classic for reportage – the new Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 27 August 2015 – Canon today [...]

New Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM…2015-08-27T07:23:57+01:00

Leica's New 'S' Model Announced …


I always think it worth looking at what some specific companies are doing when they introduce a new camera. These are the ones that in my opinion, are still interested in photography and what their products can do for photographers first and foremost. Those people do not need every nuance of technology, just some of [...]

Leica's New 'S' Model Announced …2015-08-25T13:09:02+01:00